Mwangi Kagai

CCOE Pharmacy Intern, MCPHS

Mwangi Kagai is a senior at MCPHS in Boston, MA pursuing a pharmaceutical science  degree (BS). His current studies focus on the laws and regulations of the FDA while  understanding the different types of drug components and how they affect the body. 

Mwangi also has a background in different areas of biology and chemistry and lab skills  in each area. Mwangi has worked as an intern at Pfizer as a global supply chain intern  where he manufactured a website full of complex drug portfolios and created intricate  excel sheets depicting information on drug products.

He has an interest in the  cannabis industry and how it can improve the healthcare world, starting with the opioid  epidemic. Mwangi realizes that cannabis has many hidden benefits that can greatly  improve the healthcare industry if only more time and research was put into it. He’s  interested to see how cannabis can improve someone physically but also mentally. 

Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, he intends to apply to  graduate school to progress toward a career in the healthcare industry. Mwangi wants  to increase his knowledge of the healthcare industry in order to fully maximize cannabis  in the medical field. He realizes in order to for the industry to accept cannabis, he must  have a vast knowledge of rules and regulations of how the industry works.


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