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What is Cannabis NewsHub?

A powerful resource for professionals seeking to leverage current and historical cannabis industry news and information to make more informed business decisions and conduct more thorough research.

Why Do I Need Cannabis NewsHub? 

Cannabis NewsHub helps professionals stay on top of the trends and research the issues, events, and people driving change and innovation across the industry.

  • Access comprehensive, industry wide coverage in one place
  • Find aggregated coverage from hyper-local, national, and global sources
  • Monitor cannabis-related businesses and individuals
  • Create customize email alerts or search curated topic areas

How is Cannabis NewsHub Built?

Leveraging nearly 50 years of content curation and user experience expertise, Cannabis NewsHub aggregates more than 13,000+ vetted and licensed news sources to deliver a seamless, easy-to-use resource.  Content includes multiple formats (print, online, magazines, blogs,…) and more than 60 cannabis specific publications. 

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