Good Chemistry - MA iCount Veterans Study

Welcome to the CCOE and Good Chemistry iCount for Veterans study for Massachusetts veterans!

You can access these study products by going to either Good Chemistry location in Worcester or in Lynn Massachusetts and get special study pricing and share your feedback on the products! Products available include: 

1) Day and Night Pre-roll Pack- 1 Sativa pre-roll & 1 Indica pre-roll for $5 (select strains with focus on Amnesia Haze and Ingrid) 2) Mini Joint Packs- 4 each 1/2 gram pre-rolls $10 (select strains with options for Sativa and Indica). Once you purchase the bundle, we ask you to report its impact either using a paper form and returning it back to Good Chemistry in an anon box, or by using a mobile application called Tetragram.

Thank you for signing up!