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iCount for Veterans

iCount - Veterans is a free platform that empowers US Military Veterans by providing a space to engage in research studies and education programs about cannabis and share their opinions. Research studies engage veterans to hear about their thoughts, and interests about cannabis, what kinds of cannabis products they like in the market, and what they want to see for their cannabis consumption. 

By joining, iCount Veterans Reporters can access: 

  • Access to cannabis, CBD, hemp-based products, and services. 
  • Cannabis and CBD educational content online and in-person events. 
  • Data reports from iCount reporters and other research studies and cannabis & data hemp sources.
  • Access healthcare providers, educational content, and other products and services. 

iCount for Veterans reporters access a member dashboard where they can participate in a research project, educational events, or other resources for recreational and medical cannabis consumers. iCount reporters have access to cannabis product discounts, educational content, and more to have a positive impact on their recreational or medical cannabis, health, and wellness. 


iCount for Veterans Research Study with Undoo® 

About the study: 

Undoo® softgels are an emergency supplement intended to clear your head and ease the intensity of the cannabis buzz in a short period of time. It does not eliminate the feeling of well- being often experienced with THC. The Undoo® softgels formula has multiple uses including but not limited to: (1) manage THC Overconsumption and used to swiftly clear the consumer’s head from accidental overindulgence; (2) to clear “brain fog” from residual consumption issues; and (3) a “reset THC tolerance” for experienced cannabis consumers.

The Cannabis Center of Excellence is conducting a research study to assess the impact of Undoo® with up to 500 veterans in the U.S. Veterans who enroll will receive Undoo® packets as part of their participation and will be mailed the product by the CCOE. After receiving the product, veterans will report on its effectiveness for the intended outcomes. The research study will launch in late August 2022. Pre-enroll for the study today if you live in the US and are a military veteran!

Undoo® Use Cases:

Reset THC tolerance: Frequent cannabis consumers and patients can experience a THC tolerance build up and/or diminished effects of their cannabis products. With Undoo® Reset, consumers are able to restore their THC tolerance. 

THC Overconsumption: Whether you’re a new or experienced cannabis consumer, at times, THC can have unpredictable psychoactive effects, leaving you in an uncomfortable dysphoria. Undoo® Rescue softgels can help clear your head and bring you to a more enjoyable state.

Brain Fog: Lingering haziness from cannabis consumption (“cannabis hangovers”) can leave you in a mental fog. Undoo® Refresh softgels promote clarity to bring you to a more comfortable state.