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Undoo® iCount for Veterans Study

iCount for Veterans Research Study with Undoo® 

About the study: 

Undoo® softgels are an emergency supplement intended to clear your head and ease the intensity of the cannabis buzz in a short period of time. It does not eliminate the feeling of well- being often experienced with THC. The Undoo® softgels formula has multiple uses including but not limited to: (1) manage THC Overconsumption and used to swiftly clear the consumer’s head from accidental overindulgence; (2) to clear “brain fog” from residual consumption issues; and (3) a “reset THC tolerance” for experienced cannabis consumers.

The Cannabis Center of Excellence is conducting a research study to assess the impact of Undoo® with up to 500 veterans in the U.S. Veterans who enroll will receive Undoo® packets as part of their participation and will be mailed the product by the CCOE. After receiving the product, veterans will report on its effectiveness for the intended outcomes. 

Undoo® Use Cases:

Reset THC tolerance: Frequent cannabis consumers and patients can experience a THC tolerance build up and/or diminished effects of their cannabis products. With Undoo® Reset, consumers are able to restore their THC tolerance. 

THC Overconsumption: Whether you’re a new or experienced cannabis consumer, at times, THC can have unpredictable psychoactive effects, leaving you in an uncomfortable dysphoria. Undoo® Rescue softgels can help clear your head and bring you to a more enjoyable state.

Brain Fog: Lingering haziness from cannabis consumption can leave you in a mental fog. Undoo® Refresh softgels promote clarity to bring you to a more comfortable state.