iCount for Veterans

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Veterans can share their experiences, voice, and opinions to drive change in access to cannabis for themselves, colleagues, family, and friends. 

Ongoing iCount for Veterans  Projects 

Gibbys Garden, The Cannabis Center of Excellence, and Patriots Helping Vets are excited to launch a veterans cannabis access research project in Massachusetts for the first 450 qualifying veterans

The bundle includes:

Two ⅛ ounces of cannabis flower

2 strains of pre-rolls

15 ml of cannabis tincture

As part of the research study, Veterans will be asked to report on access to cannabis issues and the product(s) and its impact on their health and wellness. This research study is approved by the UMass Dartmouth IRB. 


Veterans Undoo®  Research Study!

The Undoo® Veterans Study will be conducted in tandem with the CCOE Veterans Cannabis Access Program (VCAP). Veterans will receive Undoo® products as a part of their participation in ongoing CCOE studies and report on its effectiveness for the intended outcomes.

What is Undoo® for?
  • THC Tolerance Reset
  •  THC Overconsumption
  •  Brain Fog

 Undoo® products will be made available for 500 U.S. military veterans that are enrolled in iCount for Veterans. Veterans who receive UNDOO will report on its effectiveness as per protocols. 

Undoo® products do not contain cannabis or cannabinoids and will be made available in August 2022.