The CCOE Research Project

We believe that communication between healthcare providers and medical cannabis patients regarding referral and medication substitution must be enhanced. Therefore, continuous and evidence-based research must be conducted to advanced knowledge surrounding cannabis industry.

iCount for Veterans 

 A Research Platform to Connect Veterans with Cannabis Research Studies

Chronic pain is more prevalent and eminent in Veterans than in the general population - veterans aged ≥20 years were more likely to have chronic pain than non-veterans (31.5% vs. 20.1%), and a study conducted in 2020 of 1,700 US Iraq and Afghanistan veterans discovered that 32% were prescribed opioids to deal with the pain.

However, increasing opioid dosing does not appear to improve chronic pain. A study by VA Portland researchers in 2020 noted that out of 500 patients with chronic pain, nearly 20% had their opioid dose increased, although solely 3% of those patients indicated meaningful progress in pain

Through its different projects, iCount for veterans’ study is intended to discover how medical cannabis was helping veterans in Massachusetts and nationally



Previous Research

The Impact of COVID-19 on Medical Cannabis Patients and Adult-Use Consumers

A survey of 346 people found that 49% consume more cannabis since the pandemic beganOf all respondents, 53% are actively using cannabis to reduce medication use - cannabis to be most helpful for anxiety, depression, chronic & severe pain, & insomnia

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